Grand Opening Celebration of TRINX Shijiazhuang Flagship Store

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Shijiazhuang, 19th June, 2023 — TRINX Shijiazhuang Flagship Store celebrated its grand opening on June 19 at the Shijiazhuang Xinchang'an Bicycle and Electric Vehicle World, marking a significant milestone for TRINX 's expanding retail network in Shijiazhuang.


Strategically located along a major thoroughfare in the city, TRINX Shijiazhuang Flagship Store is surrounded by a plethora of cycling routes. To the east, cyclists can explore Xingchen Square and Taihang Avenue, while the south offers the enchanting city water systems and Luancheng Water Town. Heading west, one can venture onto Shanqian Avenue, Taihang Sky Road, Tieguomen, and Cyclists Mountain, while the north presents attractions such as Hutuo Flower Sea, Zhengding Nanmen Cultural Square, and Zhengding Great Buddha Temple. These renowned and popular cycling routes in Shijiazhuang create an invigorating cycling atmosphere.


Positioned as a brand superstore, TRINX Shijiazhuang Flagship Store combines experiential spaces, a business center, and a members' club, aiming to become a premier destination for cyclists. Through a synergistic blend of online interactions and offline experiences, the store aspires to provide a professional, open, and liberating environment, offering an enhanced brand experience to cycling enthusiasts.


The store boasts well-planned functional areas, including dedicated spaces for brand showcases, product experiences, cycling equipment, and maintenance services.


Visitors to the store will find a comprehensive selection of bikes on display and available for purchase. Catching the eye upon entry are TRINX's "internet-famous" models, X9 and V500.


Among them, the timeless TRINX V1000 stands out with its black and gold finish, while a special team edition paint scheme adds another dimension to this classic model.


Notably, the TRINX X5 PRO, a favored choice among cycling enthusiasts, has gained significant popularity recently, particularly the wind-cutting road bike, the Mercury.


To commemorate the opening, a group of dedicated TRINX fans organized a cycling tour, arriving at the store at 8:30 am to celebrate this momentous occasion.


The store owner thoughtfully prepared exquisite refreshments for all visitors, further enhancing the festive atmosphere.


Aligned with the ideals of low-carbon, green, and environmentally friendly travel, TRINX store upgrade plan was initiated last year, aiming to meet the flourishing consumer demand in the domestic bicycle market and provide an enhanced brand experience and service. While pursuing continuous growth, TRINX remains committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by promoting and popularizing low-carbon, green, and environmentally friendly bicycle travel.