TRINX 2023 Eurobike Perfect Ending

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The 2023 Eurobike, Europe's premier bicycle exhibition, concluded in grand fashion in Frankfurt, Germany on 25th June.


Trinx showcased its diverse product lineup at this year's Eurobike, catering to the prevailing market demands. Whether it's urban commuting, road cycling, or mountain exploration, Trinx provided an impressive array of options that captivated the attention and admiration of numerous cycling enthusiasts.


One model that stole the spotlight was the Mas, earning high praise for its refreshing color design and premium components. As an aluminum alloy gravel bike, Mas is dedicated to adventure and exploration. It boasts the reliable GRX groupset, a robust aluminum alloy frame, and multiple mounting points for accessories. Mas proves to be an exceptional companion for off-road cycling adventures.



Following closely in popularity was the Mira, which garnered attention for its retro color scheme. Many European visitors expressed their enthusiasm for the Mira, noting its suitability for urban commuting on their respective city roads. The Mira stands as an excellent companion for their daily commutes.


The Mistral, representing Trinxs road bike lineup at the exhibition, also garnered significant favor. Cycling enthusiasts praised the Mistral for its gradient frame color and meticulous design details. The bike features an aluminum alloy frame designed for speed and aerodynamics. The smooth welds give it a carbon fiber-like appearance while maintaining clean lines. The carbon fiber fork, handlebars, and wheelset enhance comfort and reduce weight. Equipped with 28c wide tires, the Mistral maintains speed even on rough road surfaces. The wireless SRAM Rival AXS groupset further enhances performance, making it an exceptional choice for racing and competition.


Eva's Olympic bike, a touring performance model, returned to the Eurobike stage this year, captivating the audience once again. The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber Olympic racing bike, equipped with Shimano XTR groupset and Rockshox SID fork, ensures cyclists can unleash their maximum potential.


As the representative of Trinx e-bicycles, Megin showcased the brand's manufacturing prowess. Visitors lauded Megin for its sleek design and lightweight model. This carbon fiber electric-assist endurance mountain bike is an absolute gem, featuring wireless shifting eagle AXS groupset, wireless Rockshox seatpost, ZEB Select fork, carbon fiber DT-Swiss wheelset, and a lightweight yet powerful Bafang motor. Every element is meticulously crafted to make climbing easier and allow riders to conserve more energy for conquering challenging terrains.


Throughout the exhibition, brand representatives engaged in meaningful interactions with visitors, sharing the Trinx brand story, technological innovations, and future development plans. This active exchange not only allowed the Trinx team to receive valuable feedback from visitors regarding the brand and products but also deepened people's understanding and appreciation of Trinx.


Trinx extends its gratitude to all the visitors and friends who graced their booth at the exhibition. The brand expresses sincere appreciation for the support and affection shown for Trinx and the delightful smiles left at their booth.


The future holds great promise as Trinx continues to bring forth exciting products and experiences for cyclists.