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Less than twenty days have passed since the second place at the European Championships in Namur; since then the silver medal has sparkled in Valentina Corvi's bedroom, prominently displayed together with the other silver memorabilia won with her national team mates in the Team Relay at the Anadia 2022 European Championships, as well as all the tricolor jerseys won in the cross and in mountain bike too.

However, because the high number of cups, or because an athlete must always look ahead, the young girl from Tirano didn't waste too much time admiring the new trophy.

«Even because, taking advantage of this week without competitions, I devoted myself to studying», confirms Valentina Corvi, who attends the Liceo scientifico in Tirano. «Although included in the high-level Student Athletes project, there are many sporting commitments and it is not easy to harmonize them with school issues, especially in months when the days get shorter and sports trips longer».

The next trip will be in the Netherlands on Sunday 27 November, when Trinx Factory Team athlete (in the photos by Elisa Haumesser) will take part in the World Cup round in Hulst. And this time she will do it by competing with the elites.

«I don't know what to expect, the only sure thing is that it is going to be very demanding: the race will be longer than I'm used to and, above all, at a much higher pace. We choose to do that because we want to compare my level: result aside, I am sure that at the finish line I will have learned something from the more experienced athletes; and about myself too». At seventeen, after all, there are many things to learn.

«Every race is an opportunity to improve, both when you win and when you don't get on the top of the podium. The European Championship was important: it was not easy to manage the pressure, competing against the best european athletes and on a track that did not forgive the slightest mistake».

And Valentina made a mistake in the final descent of Namur; an imperfection that prevented her from fighting for the continental title.
«When you see your rival running away because of your mistake there is a pinch of bitterness, but it's part of the game. This is a sport lesson: valuing what went well and not dwelling on what didn't work; overcoming disappointments and accepting negative judgments are important things not only when you are on a bike, but also in daily life».

Speaking of disappointments, Valentina will compete in Hulst with Lucia Bramati, who wants to make up for the bad race in Overijse, when a fall caused by a mechanical problem nullified her excellent start, forcing her to retire.

The 19-year-old was able to recover from the blow to the leg, and she will line up at the start at 11.00 am (Italian time). Livestream on Eurosport from 10.50 am.