Dream Team Challenge

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When did you push yourself and break through the limits last time?
‘Um…maybe many years ago’
‘When I was in college, preparing for the exam’
On October 6, 2017, TRINX Sponsored a challenging event, which required cyclists to finish the 500 road ride as a 3-person team, across more than 10 cities in only 24 hours!!! So we called it DREAM TEAM CHALLENGE, only pushing themselves to the limits and collaborating with partners could the cyclists realize this aim. 
It was not difficult to imagine how many troubles cyclists would come across on the whole ride -- fatigue, complex terrain, large temperature difference day and night, etc. Despite all this, more than 120 cyclists participated in this event.

The 500KM ride road began in Hibiscus Resort, the national AAAA tourist attraction in Huadu District, Guangdong Province, where TRINX headquarter lies, via Zengcheng, Huizhou, Heyuan, Fengshun, etc., and ended in Shantou. In this route, after 400KM level road, there was Pat Heung Mountain, the altitude of which is 685M, the greatest difficulty in this event and a severe test both in endurance and skill as well.

 After 24h striving, 120 cyclists finished the 500KM road ride, and the best record was 19h39m30s.
‘Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, and you are stronger than you think’ the cyclist, who had finished the ride only in 20 hours, said. This maybe the spirit of sports and also the charm of it.