The Third Stop of FunRide 2017– Foshan

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On December 3, 2017, the 3rd stop of FUNRIDE came to Foshan, the origin of Chinese Kongfu. Cyclists departed from Foshan Nanhai Wetland Park, riding along the riverbank, where you can overlook the landscape, enjoy the wind and experience a fulfilled weekend.

Organized by TRINX, FUNRIDE is a series of cycling events, dedicated to provide professional cycling & communication platform for the enthusiasts. There are two kinds of group: 92KM, for advanced cyclists who want to challenge themselves and achieve breakthrough, and 42Km, for beginners who want to do some outdoors activities after a week’s hectic work. No matter what is you intention, you will definitely fall madly in love with this.



Before the activity began, the crowds were enormous.

Opening show, hot dance and sweet singing promoted the atmosphere to a climax.

The lucky draw before the competition.

TRINX resident beautiful MC

TRINX customization platform—iVelos, which can meet your customized requirements in only two weeks.

TRINX blockbuster in 2017, Smart E-bike XE1 is equipped with Veloup! E-Drive system, which is quick response, accurate and long-life. It is bound to be a great wingman no matter for commute, travel or even low-grade offload.





The track was checkered with sunlight and shade.

The unique medal for Foshan stop, on which engraved Lion Dancing pattern, the cultural spirit of Foshan.

Cyclists gathered at the terminus, to take the group photo.

And let us altogether look forward to the next stop—Guangzhou.