The First Stop of FunRide 2017 — Zhuhai

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As a series of cycling events organized by TRINX, FunRide will take place in 5 different scenic cities in Guangdong Province, dedicated to provide professional cycling & communication platform for the enthusiasts. In this event, two kinds of group division are included: 100KM, for advanced cyclists who want to challenge themselves and achieve breakthrough, and 50Km, for beginners who want to do some outdoors activities after a week’s hectic work. No matter what is you intention, you will definitely fall madly in love with this, so do not hesitate, just join us!


On 6, August, 2017, the first stop of FunRide was kicked off in Zhuhai, Located in the Pearl River Delta, one of China's premier tourist destinations, being called the Chinese Riviera. And the ride started at Jinwan Park in Zhuhai, via villages, reservoirs and gardens, etc., scenery along the route built a fantastic environment for the riders.

More than 900 cyclists participated in this event, 600+ for 100KM, 300+ for 50KM.In regard to 100KM road ride, there were 3 supply points respectively on 25KM, 50KM and 75KM, offering the supplementary and rest area to the riders, and another one set up for 50KM.

Besides the regular competition settings, we also arranged the marvelous shows filled with sports element and lucky draw on the launch ceremony, which showed huge supports to the cyclists before the game.

More than 80% cyclists finished this competition, on the destination they celebrated their triumph by taking pictures with the medal, which are customized specially for the cyclists who completed the whole ride by TRINX.