Cyclist Naomi won bronze medal of DH game with TRINX bike in South East Asian Games

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Naomi ,the cyclist of TRINX FACTORY PH TEAM,represented  Philippines in 31st South East Asian Games. After a tough race,she  won bronze medal of DH game with TRINX bike E1000.


Naomi got this chance to represent her beloved country and it took her to her first international race. “Wasnt the best seeding run, had to shut down my mind to focus on the techniques I need since the race track was a lot of pedaling part and redeemed myself on the final run with a strong finish for 3rd place! ” 


Naomi is one of the most famous DH rider in Southeast Asia. The bike she rode in the South East Asian Games is TRINX E1000, which was customized for her. She has rode this DH bike in many competitions and got a lot of victories.