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After the first block of Italian international races, with the appointments in Verona, Albenga and San Zeno di Montagna which also brought two victories and a podium, the Trinx Factory Team is ready to face the first weekend of races abroad. Three events in the agenda of the athletes directed by Luca Bramati: on Sunday Vita Movrin will be at the start of the XCO Vrtojba, a Slovenian class 1.1 race; also on Sunday debut in the national jersey for the junior Valentina Corvi, engaged in Rivera (Switzerland) in the UCI Junior Series first round.

From Friday an unprecedented three days of competitions in Novi Sad (Serbia), where are scheduled the Yason Creative District, the Djak Sport Andrevlje and the Andrevlje Xco.


«I'm curious to discover track I've never raced on», confirms Eva Lechner (in the photo by Alessio Pederiva), who will compete in Serbia with Lucia Bramati, Cristian Bernardi and Gioele Bertolini. «On the first day we will participate in a short track in the afternoon, so it will be a short but explosive race; Saturday and Sunday two traditional Olympic cross country, both class 1.

International competitions that have already given Eva three placements in the top 10, albeit with different feelings.
«The debut in Verona was really tough; a week later in Albenga I felt better, even if a crash at the start prevented me from conquering a better result; in San Zeno di Montagna a race with lights and shadows, with a painful first lap and then a gradually improve. This is why having three consecutive days of racing will be important: it will allow us to further improve our shape in view of the April appointments».

What are Eva Lechner's goals?

«I am 37 years old and I am preparing to live a new season in which there are many challenges. From cross country, where we will race both in international races and in the World Cup rounds, to Marathons, from this season in the World Cup program and which could be a specialty I could focus on.
And then we'll see step by step with Luca what new challenges to accept».
In detail, the Novi Sad program includes: the short track on Friday 24 March starting at 4 pm (first the Elites, then the Women). The next two stages of the weekend will instead start at 12.
As mentioned, the Slovenian Vita Movrin will test herself on the home tracks of Vrtojba, where last year she collected a fifth place; in Switzerland, an appointment of great prestige for Valentina Corvi: wearing the Italian colours, she will try to confirm herself as one of the fastest athletes on the technical Swiss track, where last year she finished in second position.