Trinx Factory Team is gathering for their camp in Vidor

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Training camps are key building blocks for teams ahead of each new season, and also the Trinx Factory Team is gathering for their camp in Vidor, a little town surrounded by the beautiful Prosecco Hills.

Located in north-eastern Italy, this hilly area of Veneto Region is one of the most productive wine-growing areas in the world, named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019 for both their exceptional beauty, their unique natural environment, and their cultural heritage.

The landscape is characterized by terracing which are small plots of vines on narrow grassy terraces, forests, small villages, and farmland making Prosecco Hills so fascinating. Speaking of history, important events, as the Great War, are connected to this area, and unique customs characterized the anthropological heritage of the hills.

Prosecco Hills are the perfect place to live fantastic experiences. Climbing them means exploring the last remains of a distant past and, at the same time, getting inspired by their breath-taking charm. Cool, isn’t it?

Moreover, trying some repeats on the hills will help you to power up inclines on races. There’s a specificity to hills repeats that works like nothing else: you can dial in your time at intensity, and this is a key factor for hill-climbing success. You will train your body to produce more power aerobically and also bolster your mental strength. Your speed, your intensity, your power should be within the goal range on every repeat, thus increasing them each round.


Prosecco Hills are really such a magical place where experience the Italian beauty and boost your training.