Time : 2015-10-23  Publisher : TRINX
Jennylyn Mercado With Trinx

October 22, 2015 mark the contract signing of one of the most popular movie and TV celebrity in the Philippines Miss Jennylynn Mercado and one of the most promising international bike brand Trinx.

Time : 2015-09-25  Publisher : TRINX

On September 20, 2015, 6:00 am, the TRINX 1ST FUN-RIDE was held in Bulacan, Philippines. The activity is very successful. With all registration & indication this events have broken all the record attendance of people in term of a fun ride event.There were over 5,000 people that attended with more than 3,000 riders that participated in the First Trinx Fun Ride

Time : 2015-07-27  Publisher : TRINX

On September 20, 2015,the 1ST TRINX FUN RIDE will be held in Philippines.There are more than 2000 riders will participate in it.See you there!

Time : 2015-06-30  Publisher : TRINX
LJ Bikes out -reach program in partnership with Trinx Philippines

After the fun ride it’s now time to share all the blessing that we gave gathered from the Sikad Kabataan (Bike for Kids) Fun Ride.

Time : 2015-06-23  Publisher : TRINX

Last June 16 to 18, we visit to Cebu City, one of the Famous and Historical Place in the Philippines. We meet the "Extreme Champion" Mr. Joseph Miller,and a lot of potential customers and gain new trinx dealers and new friends.

Time : 2015-06-22  Publisher : TRINX
2015 Father's Day : Dad's Garage

"2015 Father's Day : Dad's Garage" This activity was held in event center of SM City, one of the famous Department Store in the Philippines. This is a 3 days exhibit to show Trinx bikes and Trinx commercial.

Time : 2015-06-17  Publisher : TRINX

On June 12th, One Trinity Philippines took part in an activity "FUN-RIDE" at Santa Maria Bulacan, the Philippines.There are more than 1,000 riders participated in this activity.

Time : 2015-06-05  Publisher : TRINX
Miss Earth Eco Tourism,TRINX brand representative in Philippines

On May 1,2015, Miss Earth Eco Tourism is TRINX brand representative in Philippines.Miss Earth Eco Tourism took part in TRINX riding activities with ONE TRINITY PHILIPPINES in 2013.After one year development,TRINX win trust and respect in Philippines market and become very popular.

Time : 2015-05-22  Publisher : TRINX
Salcano Bitlis MTB Cup 2015

Thursday May 7th riders from Fastos-KTM and TRINX participated in international class 2 race in Tatvan. Parviz Mardani could keep the 7th place, while Nina Pashaei took 12th place. In the Women's race Faranak Partoazar (Fastos) took directly the lead, followed by Cansu Turkmenoglu (tur) and Maryam Jalaliyeh (Trinx).

Time : 2015-04-27  Publisher : TRINX
Trinx Mountainbike League

April 17th, on friday Chitgar park in Tehran was hosting the first race of the Fastos Iranian Mountainbike League.Trinx Parviz Mardani got the first stage in Elite Men Race, and Trinx Maryam Jalaliye got the 2nd place in Elite Women Race. They are very good.